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Design Spotlight: Dusk to Dawn Lamp
Haberdashery is an East London design studio on a mission to completely reimagine the endless possibilities and creations ...
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‘Lost LA’ Returns With a Look at Ghost Towns, Parks and Where Angelinos Get Away Locally
There is a common misconception that the history of Los Angeles is rooted in the birth of Hollywood, but in all actuality, ...
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Welcome to Scooter City: Santa Monica Lauded for Transportation Initiatives
Effective transportation systems can make or break a city’s progress, which is why cities like Santa Monica are increasingly ...
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A New Twist on Smartwatches
Our devices have become part of our person. From laptops and iPads to smartphones and now smartwatches opening the frontier ...
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‘Hollywood Reporter’ Names Rochelle Maize to Top 30 Real Estate Agent’s List
It’s been said that often that Rochelle Maize knows what it takes to succeed in one of the most competitive markets. So much ...
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How Blockchain Could Change Real Estate
As the underlying accounting system that supported Bitcoin transactions, blockchain was a powerful tool in helping to legitimize ...
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What You Don't Know About Beverly Hills Real Estate
Although Beverly Hills is probably one of the most well-known zip codes in the world, there are a lot of things people don’t ...
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The Power of Video: How Drones are Transforming Real Estate
The demand for video marketing is growing by the second. Just as more businesses are adding video into their own marketing ...
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Are You Charming or Contemporary? LA's Real Estate Market is Both
Los Angeles is a divided city not only by neighborhood and freeways, but also design. The historic charm found in secret ...
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Rochelle Answers the Question, 'Can You Get Leads on Instagram?'
LA's real estate maven takes you behind the scenes.
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Rochelle Atlas Maize is Beverly Hill’s Leading Luxury Realtor and has helped hundreds of buyers & sellers in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, resulting in over 2 Billion of closed transactions.